The Hosting Package

The Hosting Package includes


Your website will be placed in our community, on a special webserver that only hosts empowering websites. You can specify a mantra or other text that will be read by the server each time someone visits your website.


  • We host your website on a fast and secure server so you will have happy visitors. Everything your website needs is included.
  • One  .nl/.eu/.de or .com domain name is included.  (other extensions are possible but may come at a different price)


  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups
    We keep four daily, three weekly and three monthly backups of your site.
    Whatever happens, we’ve got your back.
  • Weekly updates of your WordPress website
    We keep your website safe and up to date.
  • Firewall
    We install a security plug-in that shields your website from attacks, monitors it’s security status and keeps us informed of possible threats. If necessary we take action.
  • SSL certificate
    An SSL certificate gives your website the green lock and encrypts traffic between the web server and your visitors. After installing it we go over your website and adjust all your links to https. We will install a script that redirects all traffic to the secure https:// protocol.


  • Transfer service
    We will transfer your site to our server. No fuzz.
  • Health scan
    Directly after transfer we go over your site, make sure it uses the correct settings and software, scan it for health issues and close security gaps if found. If you had a technical problem with your site before transfer, let us know and we will fix it, no extra charge.
  • Support
    We will help you when you encounter a problem with your website or have a design question, by mail of WhatsApp.
  • SEO scan
    On request we will do a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scan to see how your website score with Google and how your ranking could be improved. We will send you a report of our findings and tips to improve your ranking.

All-in price

 For 119 euro’s (ex tax) a year you’ll be safe online and your website will be professionally maintained.


  • Verify that your website can be transferred. With some hosting providers your website is not truly yours and it cannot be moved outside the providers system (eg Wix, Squarespace). – Not sure? Ask us to have a look.
    – If so, have a look at our hosting + website packages.
  • Your website is a positive one and / or the services you offer will have a positive impact on the planet and it’s inhabitants.


Q: Do you accept positive websites that earn money for their owner?
A: Sure, everybody needs to make a living.
Q: What exact rules do you have for accepting a website?
A: We have no exact rules as such. The ground rule is your website should be positive and aim to have a positive impact on people and/or the planet. We will have a look at your website beforehand to see if we can accept it.If we cannot accept it in the YogiHosting concept we can make you an offer to host with our affiliated company  Avalon IT.


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