THe Website PaCkage

The Website Package contains


Choose one of our ‘turnkey’ templates and have a website online within a day. Then personalize it by adding your own content and photo’s.

Or, if you want, you can change every aspect of your website to fit your needs. Your new website comes with a comprehensive editor/ theme that enables you to change everything you want: fonts, colors, layout, functional blocks, you name it.

You will receive a base manual to get your started. There is a lot of info available on the internet and you can ask us for help if you need some assistence. 


The Website Package includes one year of hosting.

The Hosting Package contains everything your website needs: a domain name, webhosting and a SSL certificate. We take care of security, updates and backups for you so your website will be professionally maintained and you will be safe online. 


  • Support
    We will help you when you encounter a technical problem with your website or have a question about design through email or WhatsApp. If the issue requires it will call you to discuss the problem.
  • SEO scan
    On request we will do a SEO scan and see how your website scores with Google. We will send you a list of our findings and tips to improve your ranking that you can implement yourself..

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All-in prijs

For 265 euro (ex tax) you will have a website online within a few hours.


  • Your website has a positive message and / or the services you offer will have a positive impact on the planet and it’s inhabitants.


Q : What are the costs after the first year?
A : After the first year we will only charge you for the Hosting Package;  110 euro’s ex tax per year. For this fee your website will be safe online and professionally maintained.
Q: What exact rules do you have to decide when to accept a website?
A: We have no exact rules as such, The ground rule is your website should be positive and aim to have a positive impact on people and/or the planet. We will have a look at your website beforehand to see if we can accept it. If your website does not fit the YogiHosting concept we can make you an offer to host with Avalon IT, which is also run by us.