Spiritual hosting


June 2017, just after sadhana ( The daily spiritual practice of a Kundalini Yogi),  I was thinking about energy. Energy never gets used up, it can only be transfered into a different type of energy. Turning on a light bulb means electrical energy gets transferred into light and heat, both different type of energy. And in one way or the other, everything is energy.

When we do something, we use our physical and/or mental energy and put it into whatever we are doing. An artist puts it into his work, a cook into a meal and a writer into a story. An idea that only exists as mental energy is transferred into a physical thing. People who are sensitive can sometimes sense this energy. In Kundalini Yoga for example, we believe a cook should think happy thoughts and chant mantra’s while cooking. Not only makes this the cooking a more pleasant experience, the people eating the food will enjoy the food more. Now if we believe this, that the energy/ mood of the cook gets into the food and this can affect the person eating it, would this also be true for other human activities?

I asked my teacher Gurumarka and he thought so. He mentioned some more examples: people who paint spiritual texts on walls, then paint over it with the idea that the imprint of the patterns of these texts will affect the room.  Shamans, Christians and other belief systems who put things on altars, believing this would empower them.


So would this work for a website as well?


We believe it will, one can put a lot of love and work (aka energy) into a good website, especially when you create it with the idea to help people and make the world a better place.


Taking this idea a bit further


Now let’s say we have one loving, caring cook, and also another person cooking who is angry, depressed or greedy, and the dishes they both create get mixed together. Would the energy’s affect each other?
To put another way: If I would play mantra music on one stereo, and deathmetal on another in the same room, the result would not be very relaxing.

So what would happen if you put your website, made with love and care, on a webserver of a hosting provider who also hosts other websites of a type you would not want to be associated with?   Usually you share the webserver that hosts your website with hundreds of other websites.  Hmmmm…..

I started to be really intrigued by this idea and wanted to explore it further.


And so YogiHosting was born..


We got a brand new, ultra fast webserver and put it in one of the big datacentre’s in Amsterdam that care about the environment. I consulted Gurumarka again and asked: how can we positively ‘energize’ this server and we came up with a few nice idea’s:

  • We will make sure that only positive websites who have a goal of ‘ improving the spiritual wellbeing of people’ can live on this server.
  • Have you heard about the Tibet prayer rolls? A prayer is printed on or put inside a roll which is then turned by any available energy, human, wind or electricity. They believe that spinning such a wheel will have much the same meritorious effect as orally reciting the prayers. I found a way to use this idea on a webserver. Every new visitor to your website triggers the server software to read and process spiritual texts I put in place for this purpose.  I use Kundalini Yoga mantra’s but website owners get to choose which mantra’s or texts are used on their website.
  • I have a picture of the actual server present every morning at my Sadhana so it can share in this energy.

Furthermore, there will be some extra ‘perks’ available to the people who will join us:

  • There will be a ‘showcase’ of all the websites on the server, so a list with a picture of your website, a short description and a link, to create a bit of community feeling.
  • I’ll do some seva to help people who come to host here with SEO. This means there will be limited free support to help you get more visitors to your website. Every website owner who hosts with us will recieve a free SEO check with tips to improve your presence on the web.


What will be the effect?


Well, that’s the question … To my knowledge this idea has not been put into practise before so if you’ll join us, we’ll find out together.

In the meantime you can relax knowing your website supports the building of a better world and is surrounded by websites with the same goal. It will be safe, stable and running on a high-tech webserver, managed by professionals who love what they do, and all that at a great price.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the project!

I Hope to hear from you soon.

Giaan Inder Singh